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       After a successful concert tour in Germany in autumn 2001 the local music critics in the largest German newspapers admitted:
"The serenity of voices, the beauty of sounds is the manner the RCCS Girls Choir is following throughout its performance thus surpassing the greatest expectations of the public: it was incredibly beautiful! It seems that the serene, clean and dynamic manner of singing has been in a cradle of every Latvian child". (Karl Haxel, "Rhein-Lahn-Zeitung", Bad Ems vom 05.11.2001.)

       "It was nice to see how they managed to captivate the audience right after the first songs with their crystal-bright, gentle, wonderfully pitched voices in pure intonations and uniform sound". (Rainer Büse "Tecklenburger Land" 07.11.2001.)

       "Latvia has long rooted traditions of choral singing and the competition between the choirs always is very hot.
Today the Girls' Choir of Riga Dome Cathedral Choir School under the proficient guidance of the experienced conductor and gifted teacher Aira Birziņa has achieved new, outstanding sonority, skilful profesionality, peculiar timbre of angelic voices, sharp intonation, even ensemble and ardent enthusiasm.
Of late years I have been working with Aira Birziņa and Riga Dome Cathedral Choir School girls' choir for a couple of World premieres of my works ("Dzīvības koks" (50') in 2005 and "Solaris" (10') in 2006 - and this work has been done between the preparation of other programmes.

The choir is now one of the best choral ensembles in Latvia and should be one of them who has to sound in the wide world - capable enough to perform with the symphony orchestras or all sorts of instrumental ensembles.
Under a spell of admiration and fascination - best wishes in the future."

Uģis Prauliņš, composer , Chairman of the Latvian Composers' Union

       "Over the past few years the Riga Dome Choir School Girls Choir has evolved from a good local school choir to one of the most professional choir groups in the country.
The thorough musical training singers receive creates a foundation for their ability to master even the most complicated musical mission. Undoubtedly these young artists are a jewel in the musical crown of Latvia."

Ivars Cinkuss, conductor

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